UC6100 Media Converter Access Network Solution
UC6100 series is a carrier-grade managed multiple protocol media converter system. With this system, service providers can offer multi-rate services such as SDH/Sonet, Fiber Channel and Ethernet etc. The platform ranges from 2-slot mini chassis, 1U “pizza-box” to 3U shelf with plug-in cards. UC6100-2SFP/3SFP card supports rate up to 3.2Gbps, including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, STM-1/4/16, FC-1/2, OC-3/6/12/24/48. UC6100-2SFP+/3SFP+ card supports rate from 8.5Gbps to 11.3Gbps, including 10G Ethernet(10.3125G), 10G Fiber Channel(10.5187G), 10G OTU(11.318G), OC-192/STM-64(9.95328G), G.709 OTU2(10.709225G) and G.709OTU2e(11.095G). The advanced features, such as Link Fault Pass-Through (LFP), Remote Fault Detection (RFD), Loopback and Dying Gasp Alarm, can reduce on-site maintenance and make troubleshooting efficient.
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In the traditional Ethernet, the main part of the connection is twisted pair. The limit of the transmission distance of the twisted pair is about 200 meters, and the short transmission distance restricts the development of the network. At the same time, the twisted pair lines are influenced by the electromagnetic interference, which will undoubtedly make the data communication quality greatly affected. The application of media converter will change the connecting medium in Ethernet to optical fiber. At the same time, the quality of data communication has been greatly improved when the transmission distance of the network is extended from 200 meters to 2 kilometers or even tens of kilometers. The interconnection between server, repeater, hub, terminal and terminal is simpler.

System Construction

GE to FE Fan Out Solution Using UC6100

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